The Effective Series

The Effective Series by Heather Salmon are a range of self-paced, self-learning workbooks designed to enable the reader to learn a subject in their own time around the demands of work and home.

The workbooks were first published over twenty years ago, and have been developed over time to keep pace with changing demands and technology.  Collectively the workbooks have sold in excess of 100,000 copies throughout New Zealand, Australia, Canada, England, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

The Range:

Effective Business Writing

Designed to remove the apprehension often associated with writing and to build written communication skills.

Effective Business Negotiation

Designed for those involved in negotiation.  It emphasises the importance of commitment to WIN/WIN and introduces techniques and strategies for achieving this.

Effective Business Communication

This workbook encourages people to actively seek feedback in communication, and to practise the art of face-to-face discussion to achieve improved communication.

Effective Customer Service

Focusing on complete customer service, this workbook introduces the key skills needed to be effective in this crucial business area.

Effective Reports & Proposals

This workbook helps to develop an effective strategy, structure and to organise information so that it is easily read and understood.  It introduces quality presentation techniques to enhance reports.

Workbook Structure

Each workbook is produced in a structured way to ensure the best learning outcomes are possible from a self-learning product.  Each workbook is made up of individual modules that are broken up into content, exercises, self evaluation, a competence check and checklists. 

Each workbook contains between 150 - 200 pages of indepth programme content.

Tailoring & Customisation

For purchases of over 100 workbooks (of the same type), we are able to tailor the workbooks cover design to include a companies logo and branding, and include a letter from the Chief Executive or Managing Director.

For purchases of over 250 workbooks (of the same type), we are able to also customise the example content with the workbook to be specific to an industry or company. 


Pricing for the workbooks starts at $125 plus GST, with significant discounts available for volume purchases.

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