Effective Reports & Proposals

This workbook makes reports and proposals straight forward to prepare and present.  We show you how to develop an effective strategy, structure and organise information so that it is easily read and understood.  We introduce quality presentation techniques which will enhance your reports and proposals.

Key Subject Areas

The role of effective reports and proposals in the business cycle
Preparing the report
- Terms of reference
- Research
- Organisation
- Structuring
Preparing the Proposal
- Understanding client needs
- Choosing a strategy
- Organising information
- Structuring
The use of the executive summary
Key to an effective writing style
Using graphics
When and how to use appendices
Editing and proofreading
Speeding up the writing process 


Learning Outcomes

  • Write quality reports and proposals
  • Research, select, organise and present information to suit the needs of the reader
  • Choose the appropriate format and layout for each document
  • Write an effective executive summary
  • Use effective graphics to enhance the presentation of information
  • Edit and proof read for quality presentation
  • Use layout, formatting and presentation techniques to enhance readability and present a quality image