Effective Business Writing

A lot of business communication is presented in writing. The Effective Business Writing workbook is designed to remove the apprehension often associated with writing and to build written communication skills.

Key Subject Areas

Writing in Plain English
Writing in a Friendly Style
Writing Good Correspondence
Editing and Proof-reading
Writing Good Emails, Memos and Faxes
Write Good Reports

Learning Outcomes

  • Decide when it is appropriate to put the message in writing
  • Adapt your writing to suit the needs to the reader
  • Write in plain English to ensure the information is easy to understand and be acted upon.
  • Write in a friendly style, with appropriate tone and formality
  • Set out letters, emails and memos in the currently accepted layout
  • Structure correspondence to effectively achieve its purpose
  • Edit and proof-read for quality presentation
  • Decide on which report format is most suitable for a particular situation
  • Develop an outline for a report
  • Understand and be able to write the required sections of a report