Effective Business Negotiation

This workbook emphasises the importance of commitment to WIN/WIN and introduces techniques and strategies for achieving this.  It also focuses on the particular communication skills required for effective negotiation and it explores ways of achieving satisfactory outcomes.

Key Subject Areas

Developing an Effective Negotiation Profile
The Negotiation Process
Preparation for Negotiation
Clarifying Objectives and Priorities
Creating a Positive Negotiating Meeting
Listening and Questioning to Define Issues and Identify Needs
Proposing, Bargaining and Reaching Agreement
Dealing with Difficult Negotiations


Learning Outcomes

  • Use WIN/WIN negotiating techniques
  • Choose effective strategies for each negotiation situation
  • Prepare and present an appropriate negotiation package
  • Use Effective communicaiton techniques for negotiating
  • Recognise the tactics of others and counteract them effectively
  • Conclude an agreement which satisfies both parties